How to use AI in content creation

In writing texts and copies in WordPress and with the help of Elantor’s page builder, you can click on the multi-star button above or next to the text box and get help from artificial intelligence to write your copy or text.

In the first use of this possibility, you will be directed to the Elementor site to create a user account in Elementor and connect your WordPress site to Elementor.

The simple meaning of the word “Copy” = a piece/text sample from a book or other publication or issue

The AI Elementor Addons are powerful tools that enhance the functionality and capabilities of the Elementor page builder plugin. These AI add-ons utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to provide advanced features, automation, and intelligent recommendations for creating stunning websites. These add-ons save time, enhance user experience, and provide valuable insights for optimizing your website’s performance.


From personalized website-making to smart automation, our AI-powered add-ons revolutionize the way you interact with technology. Open AI GPT is an advanced machine learning model that can generate human-like text, making it ideal for applications such as content creation and chatbots. Integrating Open AI GPT technology in AI addons for Elementor can bring a new level of sophistication and personalization to your website-building experience. Open AI GPT integration can enhance the features of AI add-ons and provide more advanced capabilities for building high-performing, user-friendly websites.


Generate Images
Use Elementor AI’s text-to-image generator to add unique images and fine-tune them to get the look you want.

Write Copy and Code
Craft original text, modify or translate it right within the editor. Plus, let AI generate custom code – all at the touch of a prompt.

Natively Integrated
Accelerate your productivity and instantly generate spot-on content & code without having to switch between different tools.

Other cool features of Elementor AI in Wordpress

  • Use the Create with AI button in any image area to generate original images for your website. Describe the images you envision and have Elementor AI create them using the text-to-image generator.
  • Refine your image, add elements, or extend it beyond its original dimensions to get to the perfect aspect ratio.
  • Instantly generate original text, or enhance existing copy for any part of your website and ensure your messaging is always aligned with your brand.
  • Translate your website into any language to increase engagement and connect with larger audiences all across the globe.
  • Generate Custom CSS to gain complete control over your website styling while maintaining a lightweight and flexible design.
  • Add Custom Code such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel snippets so you can make data-driven decisions that will help your business grow.
  • Use Elementor AI’s Code Assistant to generate HTML snippets for your website. For example, add a slider, a Spotify playlist, and so much more.Instantly generate text and adjust ‘tone of voice’ according to your audience.Easily translate your website’s content into any language, right within the Editor.
  • Let AI fix your spelling or grammar mistakes and make your copy fit, yet still keep your message sharp.
  • Create images anywhere that’s relevant in the Editor, including the image widget, CTA widget, image box, background images and more.
  • Edit images by describing what you want to add to it, or extend an image beyond its original size to fit other aspect ratios.
  • Use any image as a reference to generate similar variations, so you can constantly refresh your website with new images that fit your look & feel.
  • Create Custom CSS code for your website’s special designs or styling effects. *Pro only.
  • Insert Custom Code for site-wide uses like Google Analytics or FB Pixel tracking. *Pro only.
  • Generate HTML code with AI assistance for any purpose, such adding a slider for your website.



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