21 Days of Bitcoin DAY 18: How Does Bitcoin Advance the Human Race?

Bitcoin Advance the Human Race

One small step for Bitcoin, one giant leap for mankind.
For Bitcoin, global adoption is just a few more nodes. But for humans, it means finally reaching a point where we share a common currency — the bitcoin standard. One day in our future, we may just adopt a global bitcoin standard, where country currencies are either backed by bitcoin or we simply default to some scalable Bitcoin system (such as the Lightning Network).

The Kardashev Scale

Let’s get into some interesting alien science for a second.
The Kardashev scale was created by astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev, who proposed a system for classifying extraterrestrial societies and their advancements based on how they were able to utilize energy in a solar system. There are three main types (properly named type I, II, and III), though succeeding scientists have expanded the scale. Here’s what it looks like:

Now, guess where the human race stands? That’s right, if you chose “none of the above,” then you’d be correct! The human race currently sits at about a 0.7 on the Kardashev scale; in order for us to reach type I, we would need to harness all the energy we can from the sun — that means fusion power on a large scale, which is still in its developmental infancy.
However, as stated previously, Bitcoin mining really encourages the development of cheap, renewable electricity. As a type I civilization, we would eliminate the need for any fossil fuels while making power cheap and abundant, doing good for the planet and society at the same time.
But, this is way off into the future, so instead I’ll present to you the monetary case for advancement: That we, as a human race, will progress toward a type I civilization under commonalities in language, communication methods, monetary systems, and more.
Our common language looks like it might be English. Our common means of communication are web-based. Our monetary system is…currently a mess that can be fixed under a bitcoin standard. With a common currency that relies on no centralized power (and no war), bitcoin could become our global uniting currency that knows no borders or permissions, taking us another step closer towards reaching type I civilization status.

The Euro as a Case Study

The EU has united most of Europe under a commonly governed currency. This makes it much easier for countries in the European Union to economically grow in a stable and efficient manner. The common currency allows for a capturing of a larger market that can easily trade and share business operations across borders while maintaining stability and cooperation between countries.
There’s just one big flaw: It’s centralized. The European Central Bank (ECB), like any other central bank, has the authority to adapt its monetary policy strategy by dictating target inflationary practices and inflating the monetary supply as they see fit. This means that trust in the ECB requires, well, trust.

Eliminating Trust

A country like the United States would likely never join in on a union currency that requires giving trust to other countries — it wants to be a powerful stronghold, and it currently is. This is why a common centralized global currency would never work, since countries are constantly fighting over power.
Unfortunately, many other countries rely on the US dollar as a reserve currency, since comparatively, their native currencies are not as sound as the USD. This creates an imbalance and dependence on a nation state that others have no control over. All fiat currencies are sinking ships — the USD just happens to be on more inviting waters.
Bitcoin so graciously solves this problem for us by not requiring nor permitting a centralized authority in order to function properly — allowing free market economies to organically fall into place like dominoes.
Bitcoin eliminates this need for the fragile system of trust that is constantly hanging over our heads in the balance of powers.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin just might be the thing that unites the world in a way that has never been done before. But it doesn’t just enforce a potential common global monetary policy; things can actually be built on top of the Bitcoin network, allowing us to create an internet that holds the same security and transparency as the Bitcoin blockchain.
Tomorrow, we’ll go over the developments and future potential of the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is not just hailed as a currency for our advancing global society; it lays the foundation for an entirely new, revolutionary decentralized internet ecosystem.

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