7 Crypto News of the Week – July 7th Arzakhbar

7 Crypto News of the Week

1. Cameron Winklevoss, the billionaire co-founder of the Gemini crypto platform, has put forth his “best and final offer” in the bankruptcy restructuring of digital asset lender Genesis.

2. BNY Mellon and Franklin Templeton have been appointed as co-chairs of the new Digital Assets Market Subcommittee by the US derivatives and commodities regulator.

3. Singapore has announced plans to impose a trust requirement on cryptocurrency exchanges in a bid to instill confidence in the cryptocurrency market and protect investors from potential losses.

4. Jinan, China, says all of its bus routes now accept digital yuan pay, and will incentivize adoption by granting discounts to central bank digital currency (CBDC)-paying passengers.

5. Surveys conducted in Canada and the UK demonstrate that skepticism towards central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is prevalent across the globe.

6. Six Clovers unveils Versal Network for cross-border crypto payments in stablecoins and CBDCs.

7. Logan Paul is under fire: CryptoZoo NFT buyers are still waiting for refunds six months later.



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