Cryptowatch Desktop Trader

A lightning-fast trading terminal built for pro performance

Built to be fast

They built Cryptowatch Desktop for speed. You can launch up to 48 charts with minimal CPU impact and blistering performance.

Built to be configurable

They built Cryptowatch Desktop for you. Design your own multi-screen trading dashboard with dozens of modules and color combinations for time and sales, trading ladder, candle charts, depth chart and more.

Built to be powerful

They built Cryptowatch Desktop for power. The app offers the most advanced tools for traders, featuring ladders and scaled orders for click traders across major crypto exchanges.

Ladder trading in Cryptowatch Desktop Trader

Never fill out an order form again. We’ve ported the popular equities trading tool to the world of crypto for a one click trading experience across multiple exchanges.

Unlimited Charting in Cryptowatch Desktop Trader

New data types for blockchain metrics, NFT floor prices, and more. Plus, new indicators, annotation, and drawing tools.

Trade on all major crypto platforms in Cryptowatch Desktop Trader

Their improved order ticket supports live trading on over 10,000 crypto markets.

Market movement audio in Cryptowatch Desktop Trader

Sound the alarm when markets or orders move with our customizable audio cues. Feeling creative? Build your own trading symphony from scratch.

Cryptowatch’s goal is to help you trade more efficiently, make smarter decisions, and gain an edge on the market. And now you get it all for free on any Kraken Market when you connect your Kraken account.



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