Electric heater Bitcoin miner

Electric heater Bitcoin miner - wait till next winter

Heatbit is the world’s first personal heater that mines Bitcoin. It enables anyone to support the decentralized money revolution while being rewarded for heating in bitcoin². The device looks like a high-end space heater but uses integrated circuitry to process bitcoin transactions³.

Heatbit provides a green and energy-efficient solution to cryptocurrency mining, as emitted heat is recycled to replace other heating devices in homes. Heatbit was designed to require the same energy as a regular heater, at 1,400 W, and is suitable to heat spaces of up to 170 square feet².

How Heatbit works

Heatbit is a device that combines a heater, air purifier, and Bitcoin miner in one. The powerful processors at Heatbit’s core perform trillions of complex calculations per second, earning you Bitcoin. Similar to how your computer generates heat during intense tasks, mining creates warmth that is used to heat your indoor space. All the while, advanced HEPA and carbon filters eliminate dust, smoke, pet fur, and allergens for clean, fresh air.

At full mining capacity, Heatbit Mini uses 300 watts. The energy consumed for mining turns into heat to keep you cozy on cool days (about 1023 BTU/h). For extra warmth on colder days, Heatbit offers a heating boost up to 1,300 watts (about 4433 BTU/h). During summer, when using Heatbit Mini solely for air purification, it consumes less than 50 watts.



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