Web3 Domain Alliance W3DA

W3DA is improving the technological and public policy environments for users of blockchain naming services

The Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-led, member-driven organization dedicated to improving the technological and public policy environments for users of blockchain naming services.

W3DA Missoin

This alliance to promote the development of the blockchain naming ecosystem and the functioning of blockchain domain registries with and across blockchain-based and traditional web applications.

The Web3 Domain Alliance is dedicated to the technological advancement of blockchain domain registries, as well as consumer protection by ensuring the interoperability of blockchain domain registries.

The Web3 Domain Alliance believes that blockchain-based generic web3 Top Level Domains (“TLDs”) developed and marketed by a specific organization are intellectual property, and that industry participants should respect the intellectual property rights of all blockchain naming services for the benefit of consumers as well as applications that want to support blockchain domain functionality.

W3DA Pledge

As a member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, companies pledge the following:

  • To abide by the Web3 Domain Alliance’s principles of developing unique, interoperable blockchain domain namespaces, NFT domains, and advocating for the legal protection and market acceptance of blockchain namespace.
  • To protect users and endeavor toward the development of interoperable NFT domain naming systems by promoting voluntary avoidance of namespace collisions with existing Web3 naming systems in the Web3 domain industry.
  • To advocate for the policy position that NFT domain registry owner-operators create trademark rights in their web3 TLDs through first commercial use with market penetration.
  • To protect our intellectual property rights, including trademark rights, in our web3 TLDs.
  • To work with fellow Web3 Domain Alliance members to promote the advancement of the Web3 Domain Alliance’s policy positions.
  • To work with fellow Web3 Domain Alliance Members to advocate for recognition of NFT domains by a broad community of stakeholders, and the public.

W3DA Partners





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