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An EVM-compatible zkl2 (Zero Knowledge Layer 2)

Polygon zkEVM is an EVM-compatible zkl2 (Zero-Knowledge Layer2). With zkEVM, Ethereum projects will be able to easily port existing smart contracts to the network without any modifications to their code.

This ease of implementation helps set the grounds for wider adoption. Even Vitalik Buterin also noted that L2 ZK solutions will drive the future of Ethereum scaling.

With zkEVM there will no longer be any barriers with regard to scalability, security, decentralization and developer experience. This is why many have crowned it as the end game or Holy Grail of crypto.

What is so unique about zkEVM?

Many people in crypto believed that a zkEVM was years away, and might never be practical or competitive with other ZK L2s. This was framed as an unavoidable tradeoff: we could have either full EVM equivalence or high performance, but not both. However, with the proving system breakthroughs pioneered by Polygon Labs, we belieive we can achieve full EVM equivalence while offering better performance (higher throughput, lower latency, and lower cost) than alt-L1s (Like Solana, Avalanche, Aptos), optimistic rollups and other ZK rollups.

Low cost

  • Polygon zkEVM harnesses the power of ZK proofs to reduce transaction cost.
  • zkSNARK footprint size in L1 for user cost optimization
  • Lowers total cost of usage for end users for a better user experience

High performance

  • ast network finality with frequent validity proofs
    Use of Polygon Zero technology, the fastest ZK proof in the world
  • Recursive STARK for extreme scalability
  • Developers can create different types of dApps for a variety of user experiences

EVM equivalence

  • Deployment onto EVM without changes in code
  • The vast majority of existing smart contracts, developer tools and wallets work seamlessly.
  • Allows developers to focus on improving code rather than re-writing it


  • Ethereum security inherited in L2 with the additional benefit of L2 batching for scaling
  • ZK proofs ensure transaction validity and safeguards user funds
  • Assurance that information stored cannot be changed or corrupted



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